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Whilst we never want it to happen, when an emergency occurs, we need
to be prepared to react immediately and follow the correct procedures.
Unfortunately, often precious time is lost while checking what the correct
course of action is, what steps should be taken and who should be notified.
IMI Hydronic has been pioneering a solution – the IMI Emergency Response App!
In April 2015 IMI launched an easy to use world-wide emergency response
procedures for all its sites – including what to do in the first hour in various
situations, a list of all employee duties and the emergency contacts that should be
notified in the event.
In August 2015 it was agreed that IMI Hydronic would lead the creation of an
Emergency Response App – a supporting tool for site leaders during emergencies.
This was launched across the three divisions in December 2015 and now the
Health & Safety Emergency procedures are really are only one touch away!
Available to selected users at each site and designed both for iOS and
Android OS, the app guides the user through the first hour of a specific emergency
situation. Users can follow the short and comprehensive instructions and call their
emergency contacts straight from the app.
“The aim of the app is to help reduce
the stress caused during an emergency by offering clear guidance on what to do
and speed dialling to the most important numbers”
said Ian Morris
Director, IMI Hydronic Engineering.
“When an emergency happens, we need to act
instantly, and now we have a great tool to help us”.
Bojana Paunovic
Marketing Graduate
IMI Hydronic Engineering
Emergency response
now at your fingertips!
Hydronic’s value stream
organisation launched
with fantastic results
Not everything at Hydronic is about our
new products. In August 2015 the team
took a look at one of our longest selling
products and implemented a value stream
around it. The Globo from the IMI Heimier
brand is a well-established on-off ball
valve range, delighting customers for over
35 years on the market!
Value Stream Mapping (VSM) allows us
to focus on a product family rather than on
traditional departments. Simply put, rather
than having a machining department and an
assembly department, we have a value stream
for the product, which owns the processes.
The VSM approach allows us to strip away
any silo mentality of departments enabling
us to focus totally on making improvements
to the product family. This approach aims to
increase quality, reduce lead times and improve
productivity through the elimination of waste.
The value stream for the Globo included
implementing a new structure focusing on
ball valve production. Where previously there
would be different department leaders who
took responsibility for the product range at
different stages of its production, now there
is just one team. This has vastly sped up
implementation time of projects which not
only helps us ensure top quality to our
customers, but also enables us to become
more competitive at the same time.
The Globo was set a clear road map
through the use of the Value Stream Mapping
lean tool. This showed a holistic journey of
the production of our ball valves, from sand
being used to making the cores needed for
casting to the final leakage test to ensure
customer satisfaction. It highlighted areas
which even members of the team who have
been working with the product for over 30
years had never seen. The team felt they
had been enabled to ‘learn to see’.
Since this road map was made, daily
Kaizen meetings are held with both office and
shop-floor employees increasing motivation,
response time, team spirit and creativity.
Through better planning we have reduced
stock at external suppliers by over 50% and
aim to reduce this to zero for local Globo –
reducing our throughput time in the process.
We have increased our on-time delivery
rate and lowered work-in-progress whilst
maintaining the high quality product naturally
expected by our customers. Implementing
this VSM has allowed us to react quickly,
improve fast and work together with customer
focus at the forefront of our minds.
James Malin
Value Stream Leader, Globo
IMI Hydronic Engineering
The IMI Newsletter
Issue 4
business improvement
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