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Olkusz site
achieves world-
class lean score
In January 2016, the Hydronic facility
located in Olkusz, Poland was proud
to have achieved 88% in its lean score:
officially reaching world-class status!
The Polish manufacturing site has
consistently been at the top of the
IMI lean league table and it is the
first within the Group to achieve a
world-class lean score.
How has the factory in Poland been
able to achieve this?
“The key to
improvement lies in getting everyone
involved in the process”
said Grzegorz
Gonet, plant manager.
“With a thorough
understanding of the processes in the
Piotr Szczupak,
Lean Champion. Olkusz
IMI Hydronic Engineering
Cyber-security incidents are on
the rise globally, with high profile
companies such as Sony Global,
Target in the USA and Talk-Talk in the
UK suffering at the hands of cyber-
Being able to counter cyber threats,
and to deal effectively with any incidents
with minimal disruption to our day-to-day
operations, is a critical requirement in
today’s business world.
As a result, IMI has committed, over
the next three years to improve our cyber
security capabilities at HQ and across
the divisions by implementing a common
IT security solution across the Group
to ensure we have a safe and secure
working environment.
Martin Carroll
Group IT Security Director
IMI plc
Investing in increased
factory and armed with the lean tool box,
the team has been able to deliver
significant improvements since the first
audit back in 2014”
One such example has been the
planning and layout for the new building
inaugurated in August 2015 for the
production of the TecBox line (steering
modules for pressurisation vessels). From
the start it was important that the team
create a highly visual layout for the factory
and the health and safety of all on site took
priority. On the outside heavy goods
vehicle traffic is separated from smaller
passenger cars to reduce the risk of
accidents. New parking facilities especially
for trucks make it easier to evacuate in an
emergency as well as being easier to
manoeuvre into.
On the inside, the building took three
months to bring up to the IMI standard –
with new flooring, ceiling and windows to
ensure a comfortable and safe work
environment. The production cells are set
up in a U shape, allowing the short and
fast flow of components to the designated
areas as well as reducing the barriers
between components and finished goods
warehouses. This manufacturing set up
allowed the team to open up additional
space for the R&D lab.
Our congratulations to the team for
all their hard work.
Threats fall into two main categories.
The first is the security of our business
systems and their ability to withstand
attacks from outside the company.
The second is the security of our data
internally, whether from accidental loss or
malicious theft.
During the first year of the
programme, our focus is on improving
desktop and laptop security. This will
include the introduction of up-to-date
anti-virus, internet and email protection;
data encryption on laptops, detection of
unauthorised computers connecting to
the network and, intrusion detection.
We will also update our electronic
perimeter protection and establish a
Security Operations Centre which will
help us proactively monitor and report
on IT security, as well as assisting us in
addressing detected vulnerabilities or
A pilot programme to validate
our Year 1 deliverables commenced in
December 2015, and will be followed
by a Group-wide deployment this year.
Substantial testing will be done prior to
each rollout to ensure any disruption to the
user community is minimised. The rollout
timeline is still under development and we
will share this with you once finalised.
In the meantime, please stay vigilant
to any strange activity or requests as the
cyber-criminals will continue to attempt
to access our cash and sensitive data.
If you do have any questions about the
programme, or any security concerns,
please contact
The team at the Polish site checking out the latest updates on
the lean notice board
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