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Katrina Feeney
IMI Critical Engineering:
Mike Semens-Flanagan
Group Head Office
IMI plc
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Birmingham Business Park
Birmingham B37 7XZ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 121 717 3700
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IMI Hydronic Engineering:
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IMI leadership and management
development programmes
Sue Hall
Head of Capability Development
IMI plc
Last summer we announced the
launch of our two new leadership
and management development
programmes. Both programmes
enable sharing of best practice,
collaboration across the business and
focus on developing high-performing
teams to achieve our ambitions.
The IMI Executive is fully involved
in the programmes through attendance,
presentations and sharing their own
thoughts and reflections on leadership
and management behaviours.
Leading the Way to Engineering GREAT
Two cohorts have already commenced the
programme made up of three modules and
a further one will commence during 2016.
The modules cover Leading Performance,
Leading Self and Leading Others.
Participants on the ‘Leading the Way
to Engineering GREAT’ have a ‘teach back’
element requiring them to present and
share elements of their learning from each
of the three modules attended, with their
own teams.
The picture below shows members
of the first cohort working together. They
recently completed the second module
which focuses on execution, leading
self and others through change, quality
of thinking and developing resilient
Being a GREAT IMI Manager
The first 2.5-day workshop took place
in November 2015 in the UK and
was attended by a team of European
managers/supervisors. Participants were
delighted to receive presentations from
Mark Selway, CEO on IMI’s strategy,
‘Lean in IMI’ from Peter Spencer, Divisional
Managing Director of Hydronic Engineering
and ‘Finance in IMI’ from Ian Johnson,
Divisional Finance Director of Critical
Hearing and observing senior IMI
leaders’ passion for the business enabled
managers to think about the critical role
that they, and their teams, play in managing
their business and delivering continuous
Presenters from outside the Group
gave delegates specific tools to use in their
own personal development. Content
included how to develop and support
high-performing teams through great
coaching and feedback. Feedback has
been very positive with one participant
“Overall it was one of the best
trainings I have ever attended”.
During 2016 workshops will run in
the USA, Germany, China, Czech Republic
and UK with many events being delivered
in local languages.
CEO Mark Selway explains IMI’s strategy
Developing ALL
our people
Louise James
HR Director,
IMI Hydronic Engineering
IMI Hydronic Engineering
recognises that it needs to grow
and develop people, in order to
grow and develop the business.
This is true at every level.
Our products are manufactured on
the shop floor by our production
workers, new products are
developed by our engineers, and
our sales people are our link to the
customer. All these people are key
to our success, and yet, historically,
only managers and some office
workers, had development plans.
In 2015, the Hydronic
Executive Team made a
commitment that every single
employee would have a
development plan by the end
of the year. For some people,
their plan will develop them
for future roles. Too many of
our senior roles have been
filled externally, so this helps to
develop our internal talent pipeline.
For other people, their plan will
develop them in their current role.
This is a challenge in itself. Who is
doing their job in the same way
they were doing it three years ago?
The world changes very
quickly, and we have to constantly
develop our people to meet
these changes. Perhaps most
importantly, having a conversation
with individuals about themselves,
their work, and their future, ensures
that our people feel valued.
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