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Welcoming new graduates
Mari Docker
Global Graduate Development Manager
IMI Precision Engineering
It was great to see our 2015 IMI
graduate intake finally join us in
September; thanks to everyone
involved in bringing them on board.
They had a two-week induction at
our HQ in Birmingham where they
started building their knowledge
of the business and their own skills
through leadership presentations,
workshops, site visits and practical
After this, the graduates returned to
their home countries for local inductions
and to then start their first work placement.
Of the engineering graduates,
Precision has 13, Hydronic has 7 and
Critical has 6. We also had a graduate
starting in Human Resources and another
in Finance at HQ. Here are some quotes
on their experiences so far:
More Critical engineers
qualify as Valve Doctors
Mike Semens-Flanagan
Director of Strategic Planning
IMI Critical Engineering
IMI Critical Engineering appointed 10
of its engineers as Valve Doctors
2015 after they successfully completed
the seven-year training programme
which includes valve design, plant
operation, system layout and control
system integration.
Originally conceived in 2000 as a
way of increasing the interaction between
Critical’s top technical experts and
customers with demanding engineering
challenges, Valve Doctor
is now a
well-established and internationally
recognised mentoring and development
programme, helping the Company to
attract and retain some of the very best
engineers in the business.
IMI Critical now has 65 engineers
around the world who have already
achieved Valve Doctor
with a further 70 in its training programme.
Valve Doctors
are at customers’ disposal
to prevent, troubleshoot, and solve process
flow problems in power, nuclear, Oil & Gas
and petrochemical plants around the world.
Critical appoints
new Head of
Chris Battersby
Human Resources Director
IMI Critical Engineering
In December 2015 Andrea Forzi joined
IMI Critical Engineering as Head of
Petrochemicals – IMI Z&J (Germany,
Houston & China), IMI Remosa, and
IMI Th Jansen.
Andrea has over 25 years’
experience in industrial engineering, and
joins IMI from the Weir Group, where he
was MD and CEO of Weir Gabbioneta,
a manufacturer of bespoke engineered
pump skids for the Oil & Gas sector.
Andrea has a degree in Mechanical
Engineering, and speaks five languages.
Roy Twite, Divisional Managing
Director, said
“I’m delighted to have
someone of Andrea’s knowledge and
experience join us, and look forward to
him driving the growth agenda in the
petrochemical companies.”
“I’m excited to join IMI Critical
Engineering and am confident
that I can help deliver its ambitious
growth targets.”
Intranet updates and expansion
Jacqui McKinnon
Marketing Communications Manager
IMI Precision Engineering
We’ve been working hard during the
past year to develop the IMI Precision
Engineering intranet – it is our ‘one
source of the truth’, with regular
news updates on how we’re doing,
project successes, new standard
operating procedures (SOPs) and
other divisional updates.
Our divisional strategic improvement
programme FIX8 is regularly featured
to share progress and plans. The new
intranet now hosts the image and
marketing asset library to give easy access
to a wealth of divisional imagery, and the
latest sales support information.
“The people I work with are truly
helpful and taking their time to help
me develop my skills, and being
given important tasks from the very
start is a great thing.”
Carl Nevelius (IMI Hydronic, Sweden)
“The most rewarding thing is that I
can feel and see my contribution to the
business. I’m glad to find that my job is
helping me going out of my comfort zone
to learn new skills and try new things.”
Fu Lin (IMI Precision, Singapore)
“What I enjoy the most in this role is
that I can apply my mechanical knowledge
and skills to a real product or a project to
find a better solution or get things done on
time to satisfy all.”
Jongwhoon Park (IMI Critical, South Korea)
Please welcome your new team
members and support them in this
formative part of their career. As engineers
of the future they’re really important to help
deliver our Engineering GREAT growth
More recently the business functional
pages have been developed for
Engineering, Finance, HR, IT, Legal,
Manufacturing, Procurement, Quality and
Sales & Marketing. These pages feature
their own related functional SOPs and
other information to help their employees
work to the latest guidelines. IMI Group
standards are defined for some functional
activities – especially in areas such as
Legal, HR and Finance, in which case there
are links to the IMI content if these are the
standards we need to work to.
This year we’re focusing on the
regional 5-year strategies and making sure
this content is developed and updated on
the intranet to share our long-term plans
and progress on our journey to ‘GREAT’.
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