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IMI Learn – the
new Group online
learning centre
Strengthening the
IMI Board
Sue Hall
Head of Capability Development
IMI plc
John Dean
Head of Investor Relations
IMI plc
February 2016 saw the launch of a new
IMI online learning system – IMI Learn.
As a dynamic international business,
we need to continue to develop IMI Group
standards and our talent with appropriate
support materials and training. It makes
sense to not duplicate effort and information
wherever possible; do things once and
better share best practice.
Replacing existing University and
learning systems in Critical and Precision,
the new IMI Learn system will connect
employees across all divisions providing
learning opportunities to support their
Last August we were delighted to announce the appointment of
Isobel Sharp as a non-executive director of IMI and member of the
Audit Committee with effect from September 2015. She is also now a
member of IMI’s Nominations Committee.
As part of an extensive induction process, including attendance at the
IMI Group Executive Induction Programme, Isobel, along with other non-executive
directors, attended a UK plc governance and refresher session, that was provided
by KPMG. She has embarked on a series of site visits across all divisions of
IMI to familiarise herself with the businesses and meet colleagues.
Isobel has extensive accounting and corporate governance experience.
Most recently she was with Deloitte serving as the firm’s Senior Technical Partner.
Further biographical details of Isobel can be found on the IMI plc website.
IMI Chairman Lord Smith of Kelvin commented
“We are delighted that
Isobel has joined our Board. She has a strong financial background and deep
knowledge of accounting practices and corporate governance policies and
procedures. In addition, having advised a number of FTSE boards during her
career, she has wide ranging business experience.”
development. A key tool for collaboration,
the new system will be launched directly
from the IMI intranet and will enable
employees to learn about relevant divisional
products and technologies to enhance their
understanding. A project steering group
with representatives from all divisions and
HQ has guided the configuration of the
system to meet business needs.
The three divisions that form IMI
have similar high-level learning needs.
Understanding the latest products and
applications is important to make sure we
learn from each other and offer customers
the best solutions to meet their changing
needs. On occasion, we need to share
programmes across the three divisions
where there is material that each can
benefit from.
At launch the system will offer content
on a range of topics, including:
Products and Applications ­– Over 120
e-learning modules designed to help
people learn about the wide range of
products across the divisions and their
applications, plus calendars of divisional
face-to-face training schedules.
Legal and Compliance ­– A range of
e-learning modules designed to help
employees to understand how they can
ensure IMI operates ethically and within
the law.
Leadership and Management ­– Details
of new programmes as we introduce
them across IMI.
The IMI Learn platform will be developed
further over time to effectively support IMI’s
strategic plans to Fix, Focus and Grow.
Head office and
divisions join forces
for half marathon
Ruth Davies
HR Partner
IMI plc
Over the last few years, keen runners
from IMI HQ have entered the annual
Birmingham Half Marathon and
combined their efforts to raise money
for charity.
This year, a record 12 people from
HQ, Critical and Precision formed a team
and ran 13.2 miles one Sunday morning
in October raising £2,400, for the Stroke
Association. Everyone finished the course
and impressively, finished either faster,
or within 10% of their target times – an
unprecedented level of performance
against forecast! Congratulations to
everyone who was involved and thanks
also to the colleagues who gave up their
time to support on the day.
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