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The recently launched TA-Compact P
control valve for on-off control has
been an immediate hit with customers
from all over the world with over
500,000 valves being sold in just the
first five months.
The Bucharest One development is
one of the latest project wins, featuring not
only TA-Compact-P, but also the full range
of control valves and actuators from IMI
Hydronic. The unique features of this
pressure independent control valve – true
flow measurement, differential pressure
control, as well as superior performance,
convinced LSG Group (HVAC contracting
company) to install over 3,500 TA-
Compact-P valves in the landmark
Bucharest One project.
At 130 metres high, this office tower
located in the heart of the dynamic Calea
Floreasca / Barbu Vacarescu office district
in North Bucharest, is the second tallest
building in Romania. The building is mixed
use, including a retail area on the ground
floor and 69,000 m
of office space.
The property was designed with
energy efficiency in mind and was even
Catalin Ionescu
Sales Manager, Romania
IMI Hydronic Engineering
Sky high with TA-Compact P
in Romania
certified with LEED Platinum Green
certification. Amongst other elements,
highly-efficient HVAC systems are a must
to gain LEED certification. TA-Compact P
was an obvious choice to help achieve this
goal. Fully independent of system pressure
fluctuation caused by other units, the valve
limits overflows and helps save a vast
amount of pumping energy, helping to
reduce the energy bill and contribute to
the efficiency of the HVAC system.
We were impressed with the
services and support offered by IMI
Hydronic Engineering, and the ability to
measure flows in the system. The new
TA-Compact P gives us great insight into
what is actually happening in the system
– a unique feature for these types of
said Liviu Nan, Team Leader HVAC
design department, LSG Group.
This project represents a significant
success for the local sales team and
means that both the tallest (Sky Tower with
IMI Pneumatex water quality systems)
and now the second tallest buildings
in Romania – both have IMI Hydronic
products installed.
The IMI Hydronic Engineering central
Russian office (located in Moscow) is
also home to the IMI Critical and IMI
Precision divisions.
All three are fully integrated under
one legal entity which allows more effective
management and cost minimisation as well
as enabling technical cooperation on a
wider scale between the divisions. This
cooperation often leads to the discovery
of new cross-selling opportunities
with existing customers and has been
particularly effective in oil and gas industry
projects. During the last year alone,
concerted efforts of Critical and Precision
employees has led to joint participation
in milestone projects such as Yamal,
Rosatom and Lukoil.
A thorough analysis of the Precision
product range allowed the Hydronic team
Roman Karpenko
Marketing Director
IMI Hydronic Engineering
IMI divisional cross-selling – an effective
way of increasing sales volume
to identify some key products suitable
for use in public infrastructure projects
such as Precision’s Buschjost globe
valves, brass fittings, and solenoid valves.
It was noted that in almost every project
specification there were several solenoid
valves which remained ‘undetected’ and
were outsourced to competitors who had
such valves in their product ranges. There
are seldom more than two or three such
valves in a single project, but if we take
into account the total number of projects
worked on by our technical specialists in a
single year, the quantity of solenoid valve
opportunities ‘ignored’ adds up to a rather
significant sum.
Having identified this gap, Hydronic
and Precision technical experts used
information on similar competitor products
to define a pool of the most widely
demanded solenoid valves suitable for use
in HVAC systems as well as fire suppression
systems for public infrastructure facilities.
Detailed technical documentation, special
price quotes, and cross-reference sheets
were presented to IMI Hydronic Engineering
employees and announced to all the
company’s distributors.
Interest was immediate and just
a few weeks after the announcement,
IMI Hydronic Engineering specialists
completely redesigned a mall in the city
of Barnaul, Siberia, in cooperation with a
distributor. This resulted in the sale of more
than 50 of Precision’s Buschjost solenoid
valves in addition to the typical Hydronic
products for the HVAC system.
These examples show just how
important the interaction and cooperation
of the three IMI divisions can be for
generating additional sales volume.
Bucharest One
development in
Romania’s capital
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