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customer focus
IMI Critical Engineering companies
presented their new branding and
innovative products at the PowerGen
conference in Las Vegas on 8-10
December 2015. IMI Critical used the
exhibition to showcase its entire range
of products and services on offer to
the Power industry. This was also the
first time Critical had showcased IMI
Bopp & Reuther products in the USA,
with a nuclear valve on show along
with videos and brochures.
Mike Semens-Flanagan
Director of Strategic Planning
IMI Critical Engineering
IMI Critical showcases
its expertise at
PowerGen International
On the stand were products from:
IMI CCI – cut-away operating valve to
demonstrate DRAG
IMI Bopp & Reuther – nuclear gate valve
IMI Fluid Kinetics – silencer
IMI CCI – desuperheaters
IMI NH – valve
More than 21,000 industry
professionals attended PowerGen
International where innovative and
cost-effective solutions for maintaining,
operating, and building new power
generation were discussed and were
on show.
IMI CCI Sri City has become the
first Indian severe service valve
manufacturing company to be
approved by National Thermal Power
Corporation (NTPC) Limited.
The approval grants IMI CCI India
permission to manufacture high-
pressure and low-pressure by-pass,
start-up valves and boiler fed water
pump (BFP) recirculation packages.
Following five years of extensive
work and considerable investment, IMI
CCI’s Sri City operation successfully
achieved the necessary approvals. The
localisation project began when NTPC,
India’s largest central government power
producer, decided to add 20,000MW
to its generation capacity. As part of
a strategy to develop and support
domestic manufacturing, NTPC and the
Government of India (GOI) specified that
boiler, turbine & generator (BTG), and
other plant equipment and accessories
required to build the 20GW additional
capacity, should be manufactured in
India in phased stages. IMI CCI India
worked with IMI CCI Switzerland
to complete the necessary legal,
compliance and other formalities
required to qualify IMI Sri City.
“Congratulations to the whole team, in
India and Switzerland, who worked so
hard to win this approval.”
said Ajit
Sreekumar, President, IMI Critical
Engineering India.
Maureen Tan
Marketing Director, IMI CCI Asia and India
IMI Critical Engineering
IMI CCI Sri City
approved by NTPC
Improving supply chain
efficiency for a major
Dutch wholesaler
Bennie Holtrop
Global Demand Manager
IMI Hydronic Engineering
Last autumn a team from IMI Hydronic
Engineering started working with
Technische Unie in the Netherlands
with the goal of continuously
improving our supply chain process.
Technische Unie is by far the largest
wholesaler of heating, air-conditioning,
plumbing and electrical components in the
Netherlands and sells items from all three
of the Hydronic product brands – IMI
Heimeier, IMI TA and IMI Pneumatex.
In Holland, Technische Unie is known
not only for its enormous product range,
but also for its high standards in logistics
and e-commerce. Customers can place
orders via the web portal up until 7pm and
still receive guaranteed next day delivery.
Of the 70,000 orders Technische Unie
receives daily, 50% arrive after 3pm.
One major goal of this customer is to
ensure a delivery service level above 97%
on average across the entire stocking
assortment. This measurement is done
based on OTIF (On Time In Full at orderline
level). To achieve this they not only have a
fully automated warehouse with over
90,000 stocked products (in total they sell
around 280,000 different products) but
also need excellent relationships with their
suppliers –including IMI Hydronic
All items are classified according to
their priorities and have different service
levels associated with them. Suppliers
are then scored according to their
performance. Since the start of lean
implementation at Hydronic plants,
Technische Unie have noticed a marked
improvement in our delivery service levels.
“We have been impressed at the
performance of IMI Hydronic Engineering,
not only in terms of delivery, but also in
their long-standing co-operation with us.
We have been able to work together to
implement a wide variety of activities to
improve our logistics flow. This is what it
takes to be a preferred supplier”
Johan van den Brink, Manager Supply
Chain Efficiency, Technische Unie.
The improvement process was a
great opportunity to look at our current
performance, and use our lean tools to
further increase service levels and
co-operation. Over the coming months
Hydronic will work to update product
labels to allow the use of barcode
scanning upon delivery and align master
data between our two companies.
“The progress towards lean has made a
significant improvement in our service
levels, which means that we can now
focus more on new projects to deliver
growth together, rather than just tackle
day-to-day problems”
said Gerrit Van
Doorn, Head of Sales, Netherlands,
IMI Hydronic Engineering.
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