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The IMI Newsletter
Issue 4
The University Hospital Frankfurt
at Goethe University was founded
in 1914, and with 32 specialist
clinics and 20 research institutes, it
attaches the utmost importance to
providing the best possible medical
care for its 49,000 yearly patients.
Its research centres ensure that any
scientific research performed by the
Faculty of Medicine can be quickly
incorporated into therapeutic
The performance of the heating
and cooling system is paramount in
providing the best indoor climate for
both the patients and 4000 nurses,
doctors and staff. Any system failure
or downtime could be critical to a
patient’s health.
With dirt being one of the primary
causes of heating system damage or
malfunction, keeping the system clean
is paramount to ensure that system
failures are avoided, of particular
importance in this hospital due to an
ageing pipe network. With this in mind,
the team at IMI Hydronic Engineering
worked with the hospital’s service
and technical teams to design
a tailor-made solution, and a special
Maria Hooper
Product Marketing Communications Manager
IMI Hydronic Engineering
Giant Zeparo
installed at
leading hospital
IMI Orton has won a significant
contract to supply valves to Petrofac,
one of the Middle East’s most
important engineering procurement
The valves are ultimately for use
in the Saudi Aramco-owned Jazan
refinery and terminal project which will
be incorporated into the world’s largest
IGCC (integrated gasification combined
cycle complex).
The Jazan project is a new refinery
and terminal in the south-west of the
Kingdom, which will have the capacity to
process 400,000 bpd of Arabian Heavy
and Arabian Medium crude oils to produce
gasoline, ultra-low-sulphur diesel, as well
as other chemicals. It is scheduled to
begin commissioning in 2018.
The scope of IMI Orton’s supply
consists of 385 valves for emergency
shut-down systems equipped with
pneumatic actuators. The IGCC will
allow the refinery’s own operations to
economically and efficiently generate
4,000 megawatts of electricity which is
enough to cover the refinery’s needs,
enable the development of small
industries, and provide power for
communities in the surrounding area.
Enzo Stendardo,
Sales & Marketing, IMI Orton
IMI Critical Engineering
IMI Orton
wins significant
contract in
Saudi Arabia
The University Hospital Frankfurt at Goethe University
Volker Gengnagel, IMI Hydronic Engineering’s
Sales Manager in Germany alongside the
installed giant Zeparo dirt and sludge separator
custom-made Zeparo weighing
1.2 tons was built and installed on-site
with special equipment, including a crane.
The gigantic Zeparo dirt and sludge
separator is not only able to remove dirt
but also magnetite (black iron oxide)
deposits which are caused by oxygen
ingress and can be very damaging to
pipes and critical investments such as
boilers, pumps and valves. By removing
both dirt sludge and magnetite, the
heating system’s longevity is assured.
Volker Gengnagel, Area Sales
Manager at IMI Hydronic Engineering
“We have a long-standing
relationship with the customer who has
used other Zeparos before, as well as
IMI Pneumatex pressurisation systems.
We were one of the few suppliers who
could provide this type of solution.”
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