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In 2015 IMI Hydronic Engineering won
a number of significant contracts
with the newly-launched Eclipse
thermostatic radiator valve.
Thanks to its revolutionary
Automatic Flow Control technology packed
into a compact size, it’s the perfect valve
for renovations of existing heating systems.
No complex calculations are necessary,
it’s simple and fast to install and provides
automatic hydronic balancing and great
energy savings.
One of the first projects to get off the
ground was in France – at the SciencesPo
Undergraduate College campus in Reims.
The departmental building is a Grade A
national listed building which posed
significant technical challenges for the
installation of the new heating and cooling
system – how to upgrade and achieve
modern norms without damaging the
architectural legacy of the building.
The contractor, Service Technique
de la Ville de Reims, were thrilled when
Hydronic introduced them to the Eclipse
valve. Over 230 valves were delivered in
the first wave of improvements and there
are more to follow in the first quarter
of 2016.
Nathalie Constant
Marketing & Communications, France
Daniela Weigand
Marketing & Communications, Germany
IMI Hydronic Engineering
Eclipse – the new valve
helping to revive old buildings!
Similarly, management at Vivawest
Wohnen GmbH (one of the largest housing
associations in Germany, which owns
and manages over 120,000 residential
properties) recognised the new Eclipse
valve as a ‘milestone in thermostatic
hydronic balancing’ and were keen to test
the benefits in one of their estates.
The first project was at the Neue
Stadtgärten estate in Recklinghausen,
which included 369 flats and uses
thermostatic control systems to regulate
room temperatures. The new Eclipse
product, together with IMI Hydronic
Christian Glaremin, IMI Hydronic Area Sales Manager, Germany, with Vivawest
HVAC partners at the Neue Stadtgärten estate in Recklinghausen
Engineering’s leading position in the
thermostatic control sector, and its proven
track record of delivering energy-efficient
solutions helped secure this major
The time and cost savings during
installation at Recklinghausen amounted to
65,000 EUR and the new Eclipse product
will result in reduced energy bills for the
tenants. Everyone benefits from this
new technology and Vivawest were so
impressed that they are now looking at
further renovation projects where they can
apply the Eclipse technology benefits.
Eclipse TRV installation
SciencesPO college in central Reims
HVAC control room at the SciencesPo site
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