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The AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas
(home to the Dallas Cowboy American
football team) was a great location
for IMI Hydronic Engineering North
America to host their top 25 IMI Flow
Design customers.
The successful event served to
emphasise IMI’s commitment to grow the
North American market. Several of the
IMI Flow Design representatives are
experiencing record growth and were
excited about what IMI has been doing
to improve the business. The event, in
November 2015, focused on how IMI
is using lean to better serve them as
customers, and IMI’s global commitment
to new products, including the pre-launch
of the ‘Harmony’ valve – the first pressure-
independent control valve for the IMI Flow
Design channel. Also announced was the
marketing campaign, ‘Why Sweat It’ that
uses digital marketing and analytics to
drive targeted customer penetration.
Jake Zender,
VP of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, Americas
IMI Hydronic Engineering
IMI Hydronic
Dallas Cowboy
Below are comments from some of
the participants;
Bob Barczak, from Emerson Swan
(Boston & New York state) stated
“I see
seriousness, dedication and passion from
the IMI Flow Design leadership and their
teams. They will make things happen!”
Matt Micelli, from CFM Company
(Denver), stated,
“Thank you again for a
great Sales Conference. I really enjoyed it
and learned a lot. It was a great venue
with great people and was very well put
together. We are starting to see the
benefits of lean in the field”.
Julian Howett, from Olympic International
(Vancouver, Canada), stated,
“this was
the best manufacturing company sales
meeting I have attended, thank you to the
IMI Flow Design team for a great event.”
The positive tone of the event was a
major change from last year’s event, where
inventory and operational issues caused the
Dallas plant’s on-time delivery to slip into
the low 80th percentile. Now, with the lean
improvements, the Dallas plant’s on-time
delivery record is often in the 90s and
several distributors commented they are
feeling the positive difference.
Some of the customers also took
the time to tour Hydronic’s nearby Dallas
facility. One manufacturing rep raised a
recommendation on how shipment boxes
could be better labelled to increase
efficiency at the customer’s job site when
correlating shipments to the customer’s
purchase orders. This idea was vetted by
the IMI Flow Design team and immediately
implemented. This fast implementation
served to generate positive buzz amongst
the manufacturing reps that when lean is
done right, immediate customer benefits
can result.
Kieran Griffin, Head of Engineering
for IMI Hydronic Engineering also played
a key role during the event. He not only
provided linkage to Hydronic’s global
product strategy, but also led sessions on
‘Voice of the Customer’ regarding the new
‘Harmony’ valve.
The sales and marketing team has
embarked on a pilot digital marketing
campaign to improve recognition of
the IMI Flow Design brand, setting the
foundation for generating key customer
leads for the Harmony valve launch
in 2016.
IMI CCI Sweden has secured a series of significant new
contracts around the world, in many cases, beating off
stiff competition from rival firms.
An order for 24 type VLB turbine bypass valves was
awarded to IMI CCI Sweden by the National Contracting
Company (NCC) of Saudi Arabia for use on the Al-Qassim power
plant project.
In the US, IMI CCI Sweden secured a contract for six
off-boiler feed water control valves and a number of water valves.
The valves are destined for use in a gas-fired combined-cycle
plant of 1000 MW in Pennsylvania.
Meanwhile, in China, a customer who had bought
competitor valves and was unhappy with them, turned to
Martin Valfridsson
Managing Director, IMI CCI Sweden
IMI Critical Engineering
IMI CCI Sweden secures new contracts
IMI CCI Sweden for help to secure replacement valves rapidly.
The company was able to offer valves which the customer had
already ordered for another project, Shiliquan, and to manufacture
a new set of valves for Shiliquan.
Danish-firm Burmeister & Wain (BWSC), has placed orders
for turbine bypass systems destined for three biomass-fuelled
power plants in the UK at Widnes, Snetterton and Tilbury.
The company usually commissions other suppliers for small
steam valves, so the team was delighted when the order was
extended to include orders for applications with pegging steam
and vacuum ejector control. The Tilbury order is the eighth power
plant in a row for which BWSC in Denmark has ordered bypass
systems from IMI CCI Sweden.
IMI Flow Design’s top manufacturing representative partners for 2015 with
the sales, marketing and customer service leadership team
customer focus
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