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customer focus
Engineering doesn’t get much more
demanding and innovative than it
does in space travel.
Arianespace is the world leader
when it comes to launching vehicles into
space and our customer - Snecma, is
a market-leading engine manufacturer
supplying cryogenic propulsion systems
for Ariane 5 launchers, which transport
satellites into space orbit.
IMI Precision Engineering in Poole
UK recently secured a long-term order
worth more than £10m to supply
Snecma with 33 flight sets of cryogenic
electro-valves for the second stage
HM7B engine on the Arianespace
Ariane 5 launcher.
The contract included nearly a
£1m investment in new machine tools,
assembly, training, and inspection
facilities. The factory investment is going
through a qualification process and
improvement work should be complete
by summer 2016. Valve product delivery
started in July 2015 and will continue
until 2021.
This contract is great news and
we’re very proud of the confidence, trust
and close working relationship that has
been established over the years between
our Poole-based team of specialist
engineers and the Snecma team.
This Snecma contract and
required investment will help our Poole
business to continue to prosper, and
we are delighted that our innovative
and high-quality solutions are core
competitive advantages which are
well recognised in the global markets of
aerospace, defence, nuclear energy and
Oil & Gas technologies.
IMI Truflo Marine and IMI Orton
successfully delivered over 100
mission-critical valves to BAE Systems
ahead of schedule, after the customer
had asked for an accelerated delivery.
The order was placed in March 2015
by BAE Systems Surface Ships for the
supply of ship side valves in support of
the re-fit programme for HMS Dragon,
a Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer, and
subsequently, the customer asked for an
accelerated delivery due to important
deployment activities.
IMI Truflo Marine asked for the
support of IMI Orton to meet the revised
delivery schedule of October 2015.
With the challenge of a much
reduced lead-time, it was vital that the
valves had a quick turnaround time from
foundry to production, which included
the coordination of Lloyd’s Naval Ships
witness inspection and delivery.
To add to the challenge, IMI Orton
needed to manage the supply of castings
from foundries, while managing their
existing workload. Valuable time was
Ognjen Starovic
Managing Director, Poole
IMI Precision Engineering
Theodore Bigby
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
IMI Truflo Marine
IMI Critical Engineering
ARIANE 5 contract
powering our growth
Critical duo
rise to ‘Dragon’
saved by IMI Truflo inspecting and
appraising the valves on site in Italy and
dedicated transport was pre-arranged
arranged to deliver the goods direct to
the shipyard.
For IMI Truflo Marine, the recent
implementation of an Obeya project
management room proved its value in
making the production and delivery more
efficient. Daily issues were addressed
in a timely manner and risks resolved
inreal time including the re-design of
components from castings to forge and
potential delivery issues.
Our customer BAE Systems was
delighted that the challenging demands of
its revised schedule were fully achieved
by IMI Truflo Marine and passed on their
thanks to all concerned.
An IMI Critical Engineering stand
at the HM Naval Base, Portsmouth
exhibition in the autumn attracted a wide
range of employees from BAE, from
apprentices to senior managers, fitters to
maintenance staff, allowing the sales team
on the stand from IMI Truflo Marine to
further strengthen the two companies’ ties.
Several IMI companies joined
forces to put together a package
of valves and actuators for China
Petrochemical International (Nanjing)
Company, demonstrating the
real commercial value to IMI of
‘acting as one’.
The package of valves and
actuators was destined for use in China
Petrochemical’s coal liquefaction
process, and included a host of IMI
technologies, including:
Enzo Stendardo
Marketing Director IMI Orton
IMI Critical Engineering
IMI companies ‘act as one’
to deliver for customer
24” cryogenic butterfly valves from
IMI Orton (Critical Engineering )
quarter-turn actuators from IMI STI
(Critical Engineering)
IMI Norgren filters and regulators
(Precision Engineering)
IMI Maxseal solenoids Precision
Engineering) and
positioners (Precision Engineering).
Roy Twite, Divisional Managing
Director of IMI Critical Engineering said
“This project really shows how, by sharing
our skills, knowledge and facilities
we can improve customer service and
achieve real commercial benefits for IMI.
It’s a win-win situation.”
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