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Alder Hey is one of Europe’s biggest
and busiest children’s hospitals,
providing care for over 200,000
children each year. The new hospital
building, designed with the help of
children and young people, has 270
beds, including 48 critical care beds
for patients in ICU, HDU and burns.
This massive project in Liverpool,
UK, required an accurately controlled,
energy efficient hydronic system. With
numerous suppliers jostling for the project,
the decision came down to product
excellence, flexibility and production
capability. The level of expertise,
know-how and support that IMI Hydronic
Engineering offered for such a technically
difficult and high visibility project ensured
that the team in the UK came out a clear
Officially inaugurated in August 2015,
the hospital was finalised after three years
of hard work. Approved by the UK
Department of Health and HM Treasury
in 2012, the consortium challenged with
delivering the project was tasked to design
and build the most sustainable 24-hour
hospital ever built. The hospital generates
Graeme Waugh
Regional Project Manager, Western Europe
IMI Hydronic Engineering
Delivering GREAT indoor
climate for the children of
Alder Hey Hospital
some 60% of its energy on-site. This
means efficiency is key. The hydronic
heating and cooling systems consume
20% of the overall building energy
consumption, so it was critical to get the
HVAC system functioning as efficiently as
possible. Additionally, from an investment
perspective, the client was looking for a
solution with real staying power, a solution
to keep the system optimally balanced,
and more importantly, under stable and
accurate control for the lifetime of the
IMI Hydronic Engineering worked
with the hospital design engineers as a
strategic partner, and through exceptional
planning and use of cleverly designed
products, savings of 30% were achieved.
Our UK Hydronic college expert supported
the design team with balancing expertise,
hydronic calculations and component
selection. Through a series of planned
training sessions, the team proposed
to make the design implementation,
installation and commissioning effective.
The IMI Hydronic Engineering bid
provided on-site support and technical
troubleshooting, something the
competitors were not able to offer.
Last year, the leading Chinese
railway industry magazine ‘Rail
Transit’ released the list of its top
50 innovative companies in the
Chinese rail industry, and despite
standing alongside such companies
as Alstom, CRRC, Siemens,
Knorr-Bremse, IFE, Schneider
and leading local Chinese rail
companies, IMI Precision
Engineering was the only motion
and fluid control company to be
bestowed with this honour.
The award is not only focused
on product innovation but technology
and management innovation as well.
It’s highly likely that these top 50
companies will continue to lead the way
in the Chinese rail market and drive
innovation in the sector.
The awards cover a broad range
of suppliers to the industry including
railcar builders, system suppliers and
component vendors supplying braking
systems, doors, pantographs, HVAC
and signals to name but a few.
Precision has been working
closely with leading railcar builders and
system suppliers to develop high-quality
and high-performance products
ensuring the trains are both reliable and
safe. Newly-developed technology
contributes to making trains greener
by reducing CO
emissions whilst
giving train passengers a reliable and
comfortable train journey.
It’s a significant achievement
for Precision to be recognised in this
important region and we are definitely
on the right track!
Alfred Lee
Regional Sales Director, APAC
IMI Precision Engineering
Precision is
voted a leading
innovative rail
supplier in China
Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in north-west England, UK
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