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IMI Hydronic Engineering
was honoured to receive the
Manufacturer of the Year Climate
Control award – a true testament to
the team as reputable, innovative
and knowledgeable partners.
At the 2015 Annual Climate
Control Awards ceremony which took
place in the United Arab Emirates, the
theme of 2015 was ‘Inter-connected in
thought and execution’. The philosophy
behind the theme was the need for the
HVACR industry to work as a cohesive
industry to achieve energy efficiency,
resource conservation, reliability, good
indoor environmental quality, food safety
and ease of installation, operation and
“It is a splendid result for IMI
Hydronic Middle East to win this award
and a pleasure to be recognised in the
presence of the key stakeholders
related to our industry”
said Biren Patel,
Managing Director, IMI Hydronic
Engineering Middle East.
“The solution approach taken on
several key projects throughout the
region and the effective use of our key
resources i.e. the Hydronic Training
Centre and Engineering Support Centre
were instrumental in gaining loyalty and
wins on esteemed projects.”
Through close cooperation and
collaboration, the isolation valve
business within Critical Engineering
has been able to capture five
significant orders totalling $27m
from CCJV, a joint venture between
CB&I in the US and Chiyoda of Japan
for the initial three trains of the
Cameron Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
plant project owned by Sempra Energy
in the US.
Cameron is the largest LNG plant
project currently under development
in the US and provides IMI Critical
Engineering with a strong reference in
this growing market.
By ensuring that all technical,
commercial and legal discussions were
held through a single and common point
of contact, IMI Orton and IMI Truflo Rona
won five packages from CB&I in July 2015.
Due to strong project performance
to date, with an initial 771 ball valves
delivered on time despite an aggressive
Zakiya Yusuf
Admin & Finance Executive, Middle East
IMI Hydronic Engineering
Ken Phillips
Sales Manager- North America, IMI Orton and IMI Truflo Rona
IMI Critical Engineering
IMI Hydronic
scoops major
IMI Critical’s isolation valve
team secures valuable orders
for new US LNG plant
delivery timetable starting after 16 weeks,
further volume call-off orders have since
been awarded.
This exceptional delivery
performance has been helped by the
support provided by IMI Truflo Rona Italy,
also part of the isolation valve business
that had agreed to help by producing
some of the small size valves from
the initial package. This has provided
Truflo Rona Belgium with much needed
additional capacity.
It is expected that another two LNG
trains will be approved during 2016,
further increasing the potential value
of this project as capacity at Cameron
LNG grows from approximately 15mtpa
through three trains to almost 25mtpa
through five trains.
Congratulations to IMI Orton,
IMI Truflo Rona and the isolation valve
sales team in Houston, US for being
awarded such a large project through
collaborative and effective resource
LNG process and storage plant
under construction
Biren Patel, Managing Director Middle East,
IMI Hydronic Engineering, receives the award
customer focus
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